Best Ways to Keep Your Business Secure

Best Ways to Keep Your Business Secure

Business security services should be an integral part of any company’s infrastructure. Contained within your business property is the accumulation of many years’ worth of investment of money, time and personal resources – not to mention the lives and livelihoods of your staff. All of these need to be kept safe, and that’s where Protector Security Systems excels. Our five business security service offerings, discussed in more detail below, are the best way to secure your company’s assets and premises. When used together, they form a fully comprehensive system that will keep you, your staff and your assets safe and secure.

A good alarm system is the heart of your business security. As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have a detection and warning system that will protect your business against burglary, theft and possible violent intrusions. With a state-of-the-art alarm that covers every entrance and room of your property, you can significantly reduce the risk of loss. You also have a powerful deterrent that makes potential intruders think twice.

However, it is important to remember that an alarm system is only as effective as the support and emergency services behind it. You want a security service company that has the expertise and resources of a large company, but can still offer the care and personal attention of a smaller, local business. This is what Protector Security Systems prides itself on providing.

With us, you would get a powerful anti-intrusion system that includes photoelectric sensors, motion detection, door and window sensors, glass break sensors and more. The system is linked to a central monitoring station that assesses alarm activations and dispatches emergency services if necessary. We customize and configure each system according to the client’s specific needs.

Alarm systems have evolved considerably over the years. Motion detection and entrance sensors are excellent ways to pick up any intrusions. But, there is one major refinement of these systems that can make your alarm more effective and precise – videofication. With this, each alarm activation is accompanied by a short video clip, which is sent to the monitoring centre for immediate review. The monitoring agents can check the clip and get a clear idea of what or who has caused the activation. The matter can then be escalated to the emergency services as needed, or otherwise, identify if there has been a false alarm. This improves accuracy, reduces false alarms and helps emergency services to prioritize their responses.

Business Security Cameras

Comprehensive surveillance is becoming an essential requirement for businesses. It helps to give you peace of mind as it gives you the power to see what is happening in every area of your property. It is also important for insurance purposes. Our security camera systems ensure that your premises can be watched 24 hours a day. Whether you and your staff are onsite or not, there will always be an “eye in the sky” watching for any possible disturbances.

At Protector Security Systems, we carry and supply a wide range of security cameras and digital video recorders, giving us and our clients several options to choose from, depending on the business’s specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to any and all clients. We take the time to understand your business and premises and configure a unique system that is suited specifically to you.

Our camera systems are designed to serve businesses of all sizes and budgets. We work with wireless technology that enables our cameras to be monitored via video-over-IP. You can access the live feed from all of your cameras, wherever in the world you may be, provided you have an internet connection.

Access Control Systems

Besides your alarm system, access control technology is the most important part of your business security measures. There is nothing more important than being able to fully exercise your right of admission, ensuring that only people you want on the premises are allowed to enter, as well as being able to monitor who comes and goes and at what times.

Protector Security Systems is a leader in this field, with our innovative, scalable, easy-to-use IP-based solution, This system offers round-the-clock protection. From its slick, web-based, Microsoft-driven software to its state-of-the-art hardware, designed for increased reliability and performance, the system is designed to cover all access control needs, from one door with a few users to thousands of doors with thousands of users across several time zones.

With access control systems you get the benefits of simplified set-up and use, reduced wiring, ideal installation locations and web-based interface.

Business Energy Management

As with any business, your energy usage probably makes up a sizable portion of your operating costs. We can help you automate and manage your energy use so as to keep your premises safer and reduce your monthly bills. We are here to protect you, not only against theft, but against wasted energy too. Our award-winning energy management system is fully connected to your entire property, monitoring and managing your energy use through sophisticated and highly adaptive technology. Once set up, the system automatically adapts to your patterns and needs. It’s a smarter, simpler way to stay comfortable and save money.

The system incorporates your thermostat and uses data such as your location and current weather conditions to calculate whether your HVAC setup is operating at its optimum, or using more energy than it needs to. It also enables you to manage all the lights in your working environment. You can set schedules to turn lights on and off at specific times and even automate them so that they turn on and off while nobody is at work, to give the impression that someone is on duty. You can even connect your lights to your security system so that they come on automatically as soon as you disarm the alarm. You can access and control all of these features on your mobile phone.

The automation capabilities of our energy management system are both convenient and cost-efficient. You don’t even need to change your thermostat settings when you leave or arrive at the office. The system will automatically use your location to make the necessary adjustments, shifting to save energy while everyone is out, and resetting for comfort when you’re on your way to work. When the weather rises or falls to extremes, the thermostat will be automatically adjusted a few degrees up or down as needed. You won’t feel the difference but you’ll see it in your energy bills at the end of the month.

The energy management program is connected to your alarm system and collects data based on when you arm or disarm as well as regular activities in certain rooms or at particular entry points. Using this data, it learns the movement patterns on the premises and makes recommendations to you for optimal energy performance.

Commercial Locksmith

In addition to these technology-driven 24-hour services, it also pays to have a good commercial locksmith on call. This goes much further than just cutting a new key. Sometimes, in the event of a lock malfunction of some kind, a reliable locksmith can mean the difference between losing half a day’s business and getting back to work. However, it’s not only about emergencies; locksmiths offer commercial services that help to boost your overall security. Our locksmiths can perform any task you need on your entrances and doors, no matter how big or small. These services can include the installation of commercially rated locks and deadbolts, key cutting, master keying, rekeying doors, desks, drawers and filing cabinets, Mul-T-Lock restricted key lock systems, card access entry systems and video surveillance, automatic door repair and more.

Protector Security Systems is small enough to provide personalized service to our clients, yet big enough to cater to all their security needs. The company started as a one-man enterprise with our CEO, Dave McMillan, a seasoned security industry expert, servicing all clients’ needs single-handedly. Since then, we have grown into a handpicked team of security advisors and technicians, dedicated to keeping homes and businesses safe. As we are business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your investment and assets secure. We excel in what we do, and we are proud to be one of Ontario’s most reputable security companies, serving the Guelph, Cambridge, Fergus/Elora and Kitchener/Waterloo areas.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you to the community of safe and secure businesses we serve. Please contact us for more information.