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Fergus and Elora Business Security Systems

Protector Security Systems has over 30 years of experience providing protection for commercial properties throughout Centre Wellington. We offer Fergus and Elora business security systems and you can find our logo decals throughout both towns and the surrounding areas. Up and down Highway 6 from Ponsonby and Ennotville and across from Salem and the Elora Gorge to Speedside and Belwood Lake. We proudly service all of southern Wellington County.

Wired or Wireless Security Solutions for Your Business in Fergus and Elora

Our business security systems fit the needs of many different organizations including small businesses, industrial plants, warehouses, schools and churches in the Royal City. We offer business owners the best available systems so they feel confident that their business is protected around the clock.

These wired or wireless security systems can include many of the following protection options:

  • Video Verified Alarm Systems with features for intrusion detection, such as motion detectors, door & window sensors, glass break sensors and more.
  • Surveillance Systems to provide non-stop watch over your premises using high-quality video surveillance cameras and digital or network video recorders
  • 24 hour ULC Fire and Alarm System Monitoring for your place of business.
  •, our new and innovative Access Control System, with a web-based software interface and next generation controller technology.
  • Locksmith Services for cutting and mastering keys, installing card access entry systems, automatic door operators, and much more!
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