Your home is your castle. Well, more importantly, your home is your home. At Protector Security Systems, we take this seriously. As homeowners ourselves, we know you would like to protect the one thing that makes your home more valuable than any castle – your family, their safety and their peace of mind. That is why, at Protector Security Systems, our mission is to help you create a place where your loved ones can feel at ease, protected and at home. 

To accomplish this  does not require a private army and overly-complicated fortifications. Today’s technology, coupled with our home-centric services is all you need. We specialize in simplifying your home security system with easy to use video surveillance, home automation and energy management tools. We also provide expert help in special care services for the seniors in your household. When you need us, we are there with assistance such as twenty-four-hour emergency alarm, card access and camera support services and solutions, which are extremely helpful too.  

Protector Security Systems excels in installing and servicing home security systems that incorporate all or some of these tools in a variety of configurations. In this article, we will explain each of them in turn and show how, working in tandem, they can provide integrated protection for your household to help you provide the haven your family needs. 

Home Security Systems

home security systems

Your home security system is the heart of your domestic safety. With Protector’s systems, your control extends beyond the old-fashioned control panel. You can carry your home security system with you wherever you go, in the palm of your hand, by using our mobile apps.

The rapid pace of technology means that the quality of home security systems is constantly being upgraded. Alarm systems are increasingly more scalable, sensitive, reliable, responsive and user-friendly. There is no need for a one-size-fits-all system when the various components can be configured in such a way as to form a unique solution for each household.

When you invest in protecting your home for your family, you want the assurance that the system you are purchasing is going to be reliable. Our systems provide highly reliable,  tamper-resistant technology to give you that peace of mind for years to come. For example, fast, reliable cellular communication is used to make sure you are always connected. In addition, your system can run for 24 hours on a backup battery should there be a power failure. Secure cellular communication is essential for effective home security. Our systems are designed in such a way that they are not impacted by damaged communication lines, particularly those that can be cut from the outside. Our systems can also be controlled from anywhere. Always-on monitoring keeps you aware of what’s happening at all times – even when your system is disarmed. And, you can use your mobile app to maintain control of your home security whether you are in or out. This means you can arm and disarm the system remotely and check the arming status at any time. You will also receive real-time notifications to keep you abreast of anything happening at home while you’re away.

Alarm systems have always made use of motion sensors, and continue to do so. There are now also some cutting-edge innovations that deepen your ability to maintain a detailed picture of what happens in and around your house. Motion sensors now have the option to include onboard cameras that capture images of whatever has caused an activation. So, when you have an alarm activation, you can also see what or who set it off. This is one of the enhancements collectively referred to as Verified Alarm Response. They are designed to reduce the incidence of false alarms and therefore ensure that genuine emergencies are given higher priority for police reaction. With this video monitoring add-on, you, and whoever is monitoring your system, can tell if the alarm has been activated by a genuine intrusion.

Home security is not only about protecting your home against intruders. There are other hazards too, such as fire, flood and carbon monoxide. With our systems, your fire, CO and flood alarms are all incorporated into the system and will send you instant alerts whenever they are activated. It gets even more sophisticated: Protector’s home security systems can be set up to switch off the furnace or air conditioner when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. Automatic image capture can also help you get a better idea of what might have happened to cause the potential hazard.

These features extend beyond those of a simple alarm system, allowing you greater control and awareness, whether you are at home or not.

Video Surveillance

video surveillance

A video surveillance system adds a further dimension of protection and awareness to your home security. Set up cameras in the most important, most difficult to monitor or most vulnerable areas of your property, and you will be able to check these zones whenever you choose, with a tap of the screen or a click of the trackpad. 

Even when you’re at home, there will be areas around the house that will be out of your sight. After all, you can’t keep an eye on everything at once. Set up a video surveillance system and you will have a full 360-degree view at your disposal, 24 hours a day, wherever you are. 

Our team will survey your property as a whole and determine the best, most strategic points to install cameras. Like our alarm systems, each one of our video surveillance set-ups is designed to suit the specifics of the property in question. All of our systems are video-over-IP services, meaning that they can be viewed remotely, using any device – laptop, mobile phone or desktop, wherever there is an internet connection.

Home Automation

No matter how alert and well-prepared you may be, the demands of daily life can sometimes cause you to forget important tasks. You can forget to arm the alarm or close the garage door when you set off to take the kids to school in the morning. You could leave lights on or forget to adjust the thermostat. Sometimes you continue through your day, completely oblivious to what you’ve forgotten. At other times, the nagging doubt hits you as you sit in traffic and you have no choice but to hope for the best. Home automation can help you prevent these slip-ups, and make sure you never again have to worry about the safety of your home when you’re out.

Protector Security Systems Security Services provides automation that fits in seamlessly with your home, lifestyle and alarm system. All the key devices in your home are connected to a central point of control, which can be accessed from your mobile phone or computer. You can fit your doors with electronic locks and lock them remotely – or even just check them from afar to make sure that you have locked them. You can close your garage door, you can even control your thermostat and your lights. Your entire house is at your fingertips, whether you are sitting in traffic, at the office or relaxing while on vacation. 

Energy Management

Protector Security Systems can also set up the remote management of your energy use to keep your light, water and gas bills down, as well as maintaining safe electricity use and climate control. By linking your thermostat and lights to your home security system, you can control it automatically, whether you’re at home or not. Through the mobile app, you can also program schedules that keep your systems and devices switching on and off at the times that suit you. Optimize your home’s climate, save energy and even deter burglars by scheduling your lights to switch on and off when the house is empty, making it seem like you’re at home.

Locksmith Services


It’s rare to find a security company that also offers a complete locksmith solution. This goes far beyond just opening the door when you’ve lost your key or cutting new keys for you. We can help with a variety of services that enhance your security. For example, we can install biometric access control systems. We can install the highest quality door and window lock hardware on the market. We can rekey your locks or change them in the event of a security breach – as well as helping you with home lockouts.

This is a  value-added service that helps to further strengthen your overall security solution.

Wellness Services for the Aged

Wellness Services for the Aged

Do you have any elderly family members in your home? Are you perhaps a member of the “sandwich generation” caring for both young children and aging seniors? We offer special safety and security services for the care of your most vulnerable family members, incorporated into your overall home security system while making good use of your automation functions. 

Our systems monitor your senior family members and can alert you if there are any changes or disturbances in their daily activity patterns. We can even let you know if they have wandered out of the house at an odd time. You can automate your household utilities to make life easier for your loved one, so they don’t have to remember locks, security settings, lights, the thermostat, and so on.

Tying it All Together

Protector Security Systems uses digital technology and sophisticated automation to help you turn any house into a castle. With the home security system at its core and adding a whole network of features, including energy control, automation and video surveillance, we set up a specially configured, comprehensive security solution. Traditional alarm systems work as deterrents and early warnings. Our home security solutions go well beyond those roles, forming a fully integrated set of home safety control and monitoring tools, which will empower you to keep every aspect of your home safety at your fingertips, 24/7, no matter where you are.

Another vital element in the success of your home security is the availability of 24-hour emergency response. It’s all very well having a great alarm system that keeps you alert and up to date with everything around your house, but this will not be all that helpful in an emergency where help is needed immediately. Protector’s security systems are linked to 24-hour monitoring, giving you professional emergency response for burglar and fire alarms. You can even speak directly to a responder through your security panel.

Protector Security Systems is not simply about home security systems – we are in the business of providing home and family safety. We operate in the Guelph, Cambridge, Fergus/Elora and Kitchener/Waterloo areas, and we look forward to welcoming you to the community of safe and secure families we serve there. Contact us for more information.