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The team at Protector Security Systems knows the ins and outs of each of our security systems, but our job is not complete until you, the system user, understands them as well. When you understand the details of what your security system is doing to keep your business safe you will truly have peace of mind.

For hardware specific features please visit the Controllers tab on this page. Please note that for system capabilities you must also review the hardware you are choosing as PROTECTOR.Net is designed to work with multiple controllers including future controllers.

Next Generation Controllers

  • Access Controls: Controller

  • Innovative Request to Exit (REX) access controller all in one

  • Fully distributed processing, meaning field controllers continue to operate at 100% during network failures

  • Door controllers only require one Cat5/6 to each door

  • Single door controller is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) device that can power 2 readers and the electric lock at the door

  • Each controller supports up to 100,000 credentials

  • Each controller stores up to 50,000 events in cache buffer in case of network failure

  • No mechanical parts on board

  • Sensitivity configurable Photocell Tamper

  • Fuseless Dead Short protection

  • LCD diagnostic screen with onboard technician menus aid in installation and troubleshooting

  • From diagnostics screen, ability to test all inputs and outputs and readers including showing site code, card number and bit format of card

  • onboard integration for automatic door openers

  • Supports multiple card formats

  • Can interface with ASSA Abloy Aperio wireless lock system

  • Quick-removal header blocks for ease of wiring

  • Panel-based RTC and flash memory holds data for up to 30 days without power (no battery to replace)

  • Multi-run modes for simplified troubleshooting: Normal, Debug, Diagnose

Fully designed, manufactured and supported in North America

  • Totally North American product; engineered, supported and manufactured locally

  • Backed by Hartmann Controls and Protector Security world class support

HTML5 Web Interface

  • Programmable access from any web browser on a network such as a phone, tablet or laptop via windows, Andriod, IOS, etc.

  • Unlimited administrative accounts

  • Enhanced security via SSL

  • Supports MS SQL Server

  • Database backup process (immediate or scheduled) plus Restore option

  • Flexible transaction emailing

  • Virtually unlimited doors to a system

  • Fast real-time firmware updater (server automatically updates all field controllers to current version, no user interaction required)

Flexible Scheduling and User Management

  • Unlimited Access Privilege Groups per user

  • 20 Lock / Unlock zones per day for greater time zone flexibility

  • One-time-run time zones (Great for booking ahead for party rooms or move in rooms in condos)

  • Dual custody access with supervisor option

  • First Card In time zone activated by selectable users

  • Assign images to users for live image viewing as users move through facility

  • Multi-format report outputs (screen, PDF, CSV)

  • 16 level crisis mode for tiered emergency lockdown (ideal for schools. hospitals, long-term health facilities, high-security environments)

  • Triple-Swipe setting with numerous configurable actions

  • User (cardholder) import for block loading CSV batch file

And much more….

  • Ability to create multiple system Partitions and multiple Sites within each partition for unsurpassed control and flexibility

  • Assign as many access rules to each user as required, there is no limit, unlike the competition

  • Simple/Advanced Edit modes for records allowing quick access to edit complex settings for more advanced users or simple guided edit for general

  • Lightning fast real-time event notifications and device status information

  • Add as many user fields as required, ie parking number, employee number, phone number

  • Control remote buildings seamlessly via one Server and add cards to multiple buildings and doors instantly by assigning them to predefined access
    privilege groups

  • Override – Panels, Doors, Auxiliary relays, Inputs/Outputs, Elevators – Easy screens for overriding all field devices on the system

  • Program high-security doors to require supervisor as well as another valid card before allowing access, great for any door or cabinet that protects

  • Allow certain users to perform various actions by triple swiping at the keypad and entering a code (up to 5 different actions can be programmed)