Touchless Options for the “New Normal”

Touchless Options for the “New Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way we interact in offices. Before any return is even considered, businesses need to understand critical concerns from employees, the requirements from local governments, and review policies appropriately. It is essential to build trust and confidence with staff to ensure that they feel safe to return to the workplace. Operating within this temporary new norm is not easy for anyone. Furthermore, numerous considerations exist for manufacturers keeping the lights on during today’s new normal. This is true whether the business is pivoting to help address urgent needs resulting from the ongoing pandemic or actively leveraging a mix of on-premise and remote technologies to operate effectively.

“The pandemic is changing the way we work today, but it will also shift the industry. Manufacturers must pivot their capabilities and the way they design, develop, and test remotely; these new processes may mean more automation on factory floors and the introduction of smart control systems that reduce human interaction. This is the reality today, and companies will have to accept it as a long-term scenario.”

The move to the broader mobile device and remote access usage during this pandemic will highlight the continued erosion of the network perimeter and focus attention on endpoint security.

Workplaces will be looking to follow the recommended guidelines on how to introduce employees back to the workplace. Between governments, employers, and public health experts a plan needs to be set in place to encourage social distancing where possible and to implement additional hygiene procedures. Indeed, the return to the workplace can only be done safely if everyone adheres to the recommended protocols..

Touchless Technology in Workspaces

Businesses and organizations across the globe are struggling with a difficult decision: when and how to return to workplaces in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other disasters such as an extreme weather event or IT outage, a global health pandemic does not have a definitive “end.” As businesses learn to operate in the “new normal” and implement tactical safety measures. Today there are many touch technology solutions such as touchscreens to book space or to launch video conferencing. These convenient automated solutions  are now considered a health risk in light of a pandemic.

Protector Security helps organizations make this challenging transition by offering a quick and accurate solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. One aspect of the workplace bound to change is how we approach high-touch areas. Many workplaces are currently exploring how the number of touchpoints can be reduced; contact us for different access control technologies that do not require physical touch.

Hands-Free Unlock

Would you like Hands-Free Unlock of doors for both convenience and hygiene? With a Protector securities touch-free system, there are several options available for hands-free unlocking. Installing an automatic door lock will allow for more intelligent access control; you can lock and unlock the doors to your building from almost anywhere. Once the doors are opened, it minimizes contact  from staff members.

Mask Detection and Fever Alerts

Our mask detection system ensures that all employees/visitors are wearing a mask. Use our sophisticated temperature sensing camera to detect abnormal body temperatures and prevent access to those with a fever. The Protector security fever detection system is an effective non-contact fully automated solution to ensure safer environments in places such as airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses, and any significant public gathering location.

The system comes pre-configured for fever screening making it ready to run with minimal setup or training. Our software is intuitive and uncomplicated to use so that people can be processed quickly to avoid creating bottlenecks and long lines. The temperature Screening Solution uses advanced thermal imaging technology for a safe, efficient, and non-intrusive way to protect your employees and visitors.

Telethermographic Systems are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to help organizations mitigate risk. The AI, Social Distancing tool, can detect if people keep a safe distance from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the Camera with no additional employee required to operate.

A fever sense system does not require human intervention to hold a temperature gun. The system allows for proper social distancing and making its operation safer and less expensive. The system, which can be installed on a gate or retrofitted into an existing entrance, scans each individual’s temperature, and the data can be monitored and stored automatically. The system will send through an alert if an above-average body temperature has been detected, allowing the person to be identified and isolated effectively. Further, the system is aided with a mobile app for self-registration of people who have been recognized with an elevated temperature.

Automatic Door Openers

Get accurate touchless operation by adding automatic door openers, these can be installed even if you don’t have a security system. Ideal for medical offices, employee entrances, washrooms, and other high touch areas. Use motion sensors/elbow touch to allow unrestricted access (i.e., toilets) or combine with hands-free unlock to restrict access (Front door, employee door, mechanical room, wiring closet). Security technology allows users to lock and unlock doors automatically, remotely, and without keys. The advantages to using commercial automatic locks include:

  • The activation of locks immediately upon closing,
  • Increased security and convenience
  • Possibility to manage locks remotely

Integration with security systems and fire alarm systems is also possible with automatic door locks to prevent individuals’ entry or release in emergencies. Electronic door locks can integrate with most access control systems, proximity readers, and biometric entry access systems.

IP Video Surveillance

Take awareness and control up a notch with a video surveillance system. Set up cameras in the most important, most difficult to monitor, or most vulnerable areas of your premises. Setting up IP video surveillance lets employers operate the camera system when they cannot be on the premises. This means that they can be viewed remotely, using any device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or desktop, wherever there is an internet connection, so employers will always know what is going on in their business. Video footage can easily get shared with others, especially on cloud-based storage and recording. Combine smart access control with video surveillance, and you have a robust security solution. You will be able to check these zones whenever you choose, with a tap of the screen or a click of the trackpad.

Even when you are on-site, there will be areas out of sight and that you cannot entirely keep your eyes on. After all, you cannot keep an eye on everything at once. However, you can set up a video surveillance system to give you a full 360-degree view 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

Our team will survey your property and determine your needs to install cameras strategically. Like our alarm system, each of our video surveillance setups is designed to suit the property’s specifics in question.

An alarm system will send alerts on access activity to identify  who is in the building. The system can also be programmed to send video alerts when someone accesses a restricted area. This is just one access control solution that can help keep an eye on the business if employees cannot be there to limit contact around the office personally.

Preparing for Post-Coronavirus Office Security

The arrival of COVID-19 has increased  our awareness of all the objects  we touch throughout the day: door handles, light switches, even our faces. Innovating new ways to reduce contact is essential in a post-coronavirus world, especially in the places where we spend most of our time: offices, schools, apartment buildings, and retail shops. Protector security offers several hands-free options that will not only be appreciated by customers, tenants, and clients; but expected.

Our systems are small enough to provide personalized service to our clients, yet big enough to cater to all their security needs. As business owners, we know how important it is to keep your investment and assets secure. We are proud to be one of Ontario’s most reputable security companies, serving the Guelph, Cambridge, Fergus/Elora, and Kitchener/Waterloo areas during the COVID pandemic. Please contact us for more information.