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Protector provides an all-in-one Security System that also acts as the backbone for your connected home. Expand your ecosystem to include HVAC control, smoke and CO detection, flood detection, video recording and so much more!

Made for today - Ready for tomorrow

  • Touch Screen

    Large touch screen interface for intuitive use

  • Glass Break Sensor

    Detect the sound of breaking glass

  • Disarm Photos

    5MP Camera records picture of person disarming the system

  • Bluetooth Disarming

    Free yourself from key fobs and rushing to the panel

  • Alarm.com

    The leading technology provider of Smart Home Security services

  • Mobile App

    Control your whole home from a single screen

Smart Home Security

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more — for seamless automation and control.

Explore our smart home to learn more.

Essential Security Package

The heart of your home security system. Fully expandable to grow with your needs


  • Protector Panel
  • 2 wireless Mini door/window sensors
  • 1 wireless Motion sensor

Essential Video Package

Keep an eye on your home


  • Protector Panel
  • 2 wireless Mini door/window sensors
  • 1 wireless Motion sensor
  • 1 Indoor Video Camera
  • Live View HD

Smart Door Package

See and talk with visitors. Lock or unlock the door.  All from the comfort and safety of your panel

Live Answer


  • Protector Panel
  • 2 wireless Mini door/window sensors
  • 1 wireless Motion sensor
  • 1 Video Doorbell
  • 1 Wireless Smart Lock

Build your own system

Start with any of our packages above and customize your system to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless. 

All packages include 2 contact sensors. Add extra sensors for each additional door or window you want monitored. Available in flush mount or recessed.

All packages include 1 motion sensor. Add extra motion sensors for large areas, separate stories or separate living spaces

Senses the sound of breaking glass within 20' line of sight. Add extra sensors for large areas.

Add extra sirens for remote areas.

Motion sensor with a built-in still camera. Image Sensor will automatically take pictures when motion is detected and send them to your panel and your phone.

Detect the presence of water and send notification to your phone. Great for water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more.

Detect temperatures above 100° F or below 40° F. You’ll know if there is a problem before it becomes a disaster.

Disguised to look like a standard car remote. Activate or deactivate your system within 100’ of the IQ Panel. Includes Panic button.

Detect the presence of smoke particles as well as a rapid rise in heat. Send notifications and alarms even if your system is disarmed.

Detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas and send notifications and alarms whether your system is armed or not.

Push the button for help at any time. Pendant can also detect a fall and trigger an alarm in the event that the user is unable to press the button.

Ultra compact appliance module that can also measure energy usage. Great for lamps, space heaters, routers, modems, appliances and more.

Control a lamp on, off or any degree in between. Create smart rules like “Turn off lamp at bedtime” or “Dim bathroom lights overnight.”

Control two devices with real-time energy usage. Create smart rules like “Turn on lamp in the evening” or “Turn off space heater when I leave.”

A bright, dimmable LED bulb with a built in Z-Wave radio. The best way to turn every light socket in your home into a “smart” light.

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About Protector Security Systems

Protector Security is proud to be from Fergus, Ontario! For over 30 years we have been your local security experts and fully understand the unique challenges and benefits of living and working in a rural community.

All of the monitoring stations we use are located in Ontario.  We make every effort to use equipment that is made in Canada and Canadian suppliers whenever possible. 

Protector Security is small enough to care about you while being big enough to take care of your needs.

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Terms and Conditions

¹ The products displayed are representative of our solution offerings. Protector Security Systems reserves the right to substitute equivalent products if necessary.