Access control systems are becoming essential for any work environment,  as much for smaller companies as for major corporations. If you haven’t made the investment in a state-of-the-art access control system, these five benefits should be enough to convince you.

1. Know Who’s Coming and Going

The main benefit of access control is the ability to not only know exactly who is coming and going, but also when. Staff can only enter with their pre-programmed access method – card or biometric – and guests can only enter when expressly granted access by you or another authorized person. This kind of control is essential for businesses with staff they need to keep safe, as well as inventory that needs to be protected.

2. Increase Safety

Employees are simply safer with an access control system. There is no need to hesitate at the door while you fumble for a key. And, there is always the assurance of knowing that, once you are safely inside, nobody comes in without your say-so.

3. Reduce Theft and Accidents

Access control is not only about controlling the entry and exit at the main entrance. It also allows you to restrict access to certain areas inside the property. For instance, you can authorize only certain employees to access designated rooms. This enables you to keep track of stock and supplies by limiting who has access to the areas.

4. Control Access Across Multiple Properties

Many businesses operate across a number of properties. With an access control system, you can regulate access at all of them from a central point.

5. No Lost Keys

With access control systems, access is entirely by electronic means. There is no need to worry about losing keys or having to replace them when an outgoing employee accidentally (or otherwise) walks away with one. 

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