Up until the beginning of this year, a hands-free access control system was for germaphobes and those trying to carry too much in one go. Then along came the global COVID-19 pandemic, and now everyone is obsessed with the need to avoid touching shared surfaces. Even with all the hand sanitizing we do, the safest way to avoid the virus is to not touch items more than necessary.

Hands-free commercial security systems

With social distancing still in practice, companies are being forced to alter their business practices and commercial security systems completely. There has been a push to innovate new tools to help us understand, navigate, and stop the spread of this coronavirus. Because commercial areas are prime locations for viruses to spread, coronavirus office policies have been implemented, and there has been a significant shift towards the use of access control systems. Even though many businesses are now operating with minimal staffing and fewer employees are coming into the office, there are still security risks to consider. At Protector Security, you will find a range of touch-free systems that offer convenient and hygienic protection of you, your employees, and your customers.

Hands-free unlock

When your staff return to the office, hygiene, cleanliness, and safety will be of utmost importance. Workers will want to lay their hands on as little as possible, especially surfaces prone to carrying viruses, such as door handles, while HR will want to minimize staff concerns. The good news, however, is that touchless technology has caught with these needs. Using our hands-free unlock system, you can easily open a secure door using one of the following methods instead: 

  • Unlock the door directly from the app on your phone. 
  • Unlock by merely waving your hand in front of the reader.
  • Touch the reader with a covered body part, such as an elbow.

For the ultimate in touchless security technology, you could choose to install automatic door openers that let you lock and unlock doors automatically, remotely, and without keys. For areas like washrooms that need unrestricted access, use motion sensors or elbow touchpads. Areas with restricted access, such as your front door, staff entrance, mechanical room, or wiring closet, can be combined with your hands-free unlock system.

With a fully automated system, you get germ-free access as there no longer any need to touch door handles.


While touchless access control used to be the something germaphobes and some techies dreamed of, having access control technologies that do not require physical touch has become arguably the second most crucial element of access control – after security.

As such, our hands-free unlock and automatic door openers can integrate with most access control systems, proximity readers, and biometric entry access systems. Additionally, it is possible to incorporate your existing security network and fire alarm systems with automatic door locks to prevent entry or exit of individuals in emergencies.

Get your hands-free unlock system from one of the most trusted security companies in Ontario

Access control is not just about controlling who may enter your premises. You should also be able to restrict access to specific areas so that only certain members of staff can gain access. At the same time, you want to reduce the number of touchpoints within your set up. Good systems, like Protector Security’s, will allow you to create tiered access levels and touchless access.

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