Businesses are facing more security challenges than ever before during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access control systems have become more popular as we become increasingly aware of social distancing and limiting physical contact. For some, business continues as usual, and the problem is limiting contact with people and items. While others had to completely close their company and need to manage it from afar. 

This pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of our lives and reshaped the manner in which we manage businesses. Limiting physical contact with hard surfaces as well as the flow of customers or employees in a building. Upgrading commercial security systems will be necessary considerations as we enter a post-pandemic world. The key card or pin pad that many of us used to access the office before the pandemic seems to have no room in the post-COVID-19 workplace. 

Use access control systems for hands-free access

Here are some ways access control can help turn your business into a hands-free environment:

  • Use the security app on your smartphone to unlock the door
  • Instead of your hands to touch the card reader use an object like your phone or a covered body part like your elbow or arm
  • For total hands-free access install an automatic door lock 

Protector Security’s access control system, PROTECTOR.Net is a new access control system designed to help you manage your points of entry with hands-free, secure technologies that will help keep your customers and employees safe by minimizing the risk of viral exposure.

Contact us today to learn more about how our access control systems can help keep your business safe and minimize the spread of Covid-19.