Social distancing and hygiene protocols are forcing businesses to embrace new-age technology when searching for the best commercial security system. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become compulsory in many nations worldwide for people to wear masks when leaving the house or visiting public places. The reason being that face masks are effective in preventing the virus outbreak. 

A recent study by a German non-profit economic think-tank compared regions in Germany that implemented mandatory mask laws at different times (before the entire country made masks mandatory in stores and transit on 27 April 2020). The study suggested mask laws could reduce the daily growth rate of reported infections by 40 percent. In Toronto, employers and service providers may face a fine of up to $1,000.00 for non-compliance.

How can an organization identify its employees with masks? With Protector Securities face mask detection system.

The face mask detection system is ideal for implementing social distancing at work

Creative ways to reduce contact is essential during this pandemic, especially in places where we spend the majority of our time, such as offices, schools, apartment buildings, and retail shops. Protector Security offers several hands-free options including face mask detection.

The system comes pre-configured for fever screening making it ready to run with minimal setup or training and does not require any human intervention to support the temperature gun. It allows for proper social distancing, making its operation safer and less expensive.

All our security alarm systems at Protector Security are small enough to provide a personalized service, yet big enough to cater to all your security needs. 

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