With social distancing still in practice, companies are forced to alter their business practices and commercial security systems completely. There has been a push to innovate new tools to help us understand, navigate, and stop the spread of this pandemic. Because commercial areas are prime locations for viruses to spread, we’ve witnessed a significant shift in coronavirus office policies and the use of access control systems. Even though many businesses now have to operate with minimal staffing and fewer employees are coming into the office, there are still security risks to consider. At Protector security, we provide you with a complete handsfree access control system focused on the protection of you, your employees, and your customers.  

Hands-Free Unlock

When staff return to their office, hygiene, cleanliness, and safety will be of utmost importance. Workers will want to lay their hands on as little as possible, especially surfaces known to carry viruses, such as door handles, while HR will want to minimize staff concerns. The good news however is that touchless technology has caught up to its promise. With our hands-free unlock system, users can easily open a secure door using one of the following methods instead: 

  • Unlock the door directly from the app on your phone. 
  • Unlock by merely waving your hand in front of the reader.
  • Touch the reader with a covered body part, such as an elbow.

Some clients are also choosing to install automatic door openers. With a fully automated system, teams no longer need to touch door handles, giving them germ-free, frictionless access. Touchless access control use to be the desire of germaphobes and some techies but just a few months, the touchless feature has become arguably the second most crucial element of access control—after security.

Get your hands – free unlock system from one of the most trusted security companies in Ontario

Access control is not just about controlling who comes onto your premises. You should also be able to restrict access to particular areas so that only certain members of staff can gain access. Good systems will allow you to create tiered access levels and touchless access.

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