A year ago, nobody could have imagined our current reality. Ongoing lockdown resulted in a broken economy, further unemployment, and a frustrated nation. Most organizations were forced into closing their doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, affecting millions, spreading at a startling rate and devastating economies across the globe.

After months of avoiding physical contact with our loved ones, neighbors, door handles, and public spaces, this might be the best time for organizations to rethink their security access control and attendance register systems and invest in a safer touch-free biometric identification. 

Touchless solutions 

In such an unclear and scary time, it is vitally important to control what you can, for yourself and those around you, and take preventive measures to ensure health and safety for the future. Social distancing has not only changed how we go to work, shop, but also re-evaluated the types of jobs deemed essential. Companies are forced to completely alter their business practices, so there is no better time than now to understand, navigate, and stop the spread of this pandemic.

Future-Proofing Access Control 

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, it is challenging us to put new tools in place to mitigate risk going forward. Now is the perfect time to consider updating your access control to a more modern, future-proofed system that can still be effective, even if 90% of the office is working remotely. At protector security, we built a complete access control platform to prioritize the experience and the protection of the user, including many features and functionalities designed to enable a hands-free security system and prevent the spread of harmful germs in commercial properties. 

Protector security and the pandemic 

Protector Security is a specialist in touch-free access control systems for commercial buildings. Our Touch-free access control systems can be installed on all your new or existing doors and gates, with a wide range of systems being available to suit your property’s specific security requirements.

Maintenance and servicing packages are available with full support and back-up solutions that will fit in with all your educational establishment’s security requirements.

Whether in the healthcare, hospitality, banking, education, or finance industry, you can rely on us for everything hundreds of access areas.