In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have incorporated facial recognition technology into their commercial security system to combat the spread of the virus. Since adopting facial recognition, Customs and Border Control have used it on over 2 million passengers on over 15,000 flights

Facial recognition commercial security systems are becoming increasingly popular 

Facial recognition’s powerful identification and authentication capabilities make it ideal for two reasons: firstly, as a security tool, and secondly, it is a very convenient way to manage the workforce.

By using facial recognition as a means of access control, you waive the need and expense of physical cards and proximity devices as well as the need to physically enter PIN numbers. In addition, facial recognition readers meet the new rising need to limit physical exposure to the COVID-19 virus by offering a highly accurate touchless access control solution.

As a workforce management tool, facial recognition helps preserve the health of employees checking into work, while providing management with a foolproof means of documenting employee attendance while providing a detailed history of overall workforce activity and individual tracking. Both of these have proved to be challenging in the past due to easily compromised time tracking systems and practices. Now, nothing is left to question based on physical evidence.

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