Automation technology is playing a critical role in helping safeguard people during the global COVID-19 crisis. Security access control systems are becoming essential for most work environments these days given the importance of social distancing and sanitation.

The need to keep vulnerable people safe and to stop the virus spreading has forced organizations to introduce new ways of working that they may have known about for years but have resisted implementing up until now.

Automation reduces human-to-human contact (social distancing)

Many industries are currently operating with limited workforce (due to layoffs and job losses), the deployment of automation is enabling businesses to sustain their production levels with minimum risk and exposure of workers to COVID-19. Through the implementation of automated technologies, factories can continue to operate at a certain level with lower human involvement and remote monitoring of processes.

While technology and automation are helping us to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic right now, it is likely that it will also help us to cope with the aftermath. Labor experts say social distancing, which is likely to continue in some form after the crisis subsides, could prompt more industries to accelerate their use of automation. Long-simmering worries about job losses or unease about having automation control vital aspects of daily life could dissipate as society sees the benefits of restructuring workplaces in ways that minimize physical contact. 

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