Video home surveillance has long been an integral part of any comprehensive home security solution. With the advent of smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), surveillance has become even more useful. This technology allows you to access and monitor your surveillance cameras on your phone, tablet or any other device. This means that, among other things, you can do the following:

Check in on Your Home – From Anywhere, at Any Time

Whether you’re at work, on vacation or just out for the day, you can check in on your home whenever you feel like it by simply taking out your mobile phone and having instant access to the images being captured by all of your surveillance cameras. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything is okay. Or, you can quickly contact emergency services if something doesn’t look right. 

Check on Your Pets

Pets are part of the family for most pet owners, and they can cause considerable anxiety when they have to be left at home for a few hours. Maybe you have a dog who keeps finding a way to get out of the yard or hasn’t been himself for the past few days and needs to be watched after his last visit to the vet. Whatever your reason for keeping an eye on your furry friends, you have the power to do so with smart video surveillance.

Check on Your Children and/or Elderly Relatives

Video surveillance systems can also work as an excellent supplement to your wellness alarm system. If you have an elderly loved one left at home, the wellness system helps you monitor their movements and automate the home for their comfort. With home surveillance, you can also check in on them from time-to-time and see that they are at rest in their comfy chair or managing their meal and drink preparation. Should you receive an alert on your alarm system, you can quickly check the cameras to get an idea of where your loved one is and what they are doing. This also works well with children who may be left at home during the school vacation, for example.

Your smart home video surveillance system gives you 24-hour visual access to all the key areas of your home. It offers added control and peace of mind and means that you are never left guessing as to what is happening on your property. Contact Protector Security Solutions to find out more about your video surveillance options.