Are you thinking of installing a home automation system? If so, you are probably wondering what it will include as well as what options are available for you to include. Home automation is really a ‘kitchen sink’ service that can encompass almost all of your home’s security, lighting and climate control functions. The list that follows covers everything that you can include in your home automation system.

Door Locks 

Your system enables you to remotely control and lock your doors.

Connected Thermostat

You can automate your home’s climate and control it remotely.

Garage Doors

Not only can you remotely open and close your garage door, but you will also receive a notification if you have left it open.

Window sensors

You will receive alerts if you have left a window open – or if one has recently been opened.

Light Control Modules

All your lights can be automated, remote controlled and programmed to go on and off according to customized schedules.

Image Sensor

Your motion sensors are set up with image capture technology that triggers image alerts and allows for peek-in viewing.

Door Sensors

You will receive an alert whenever a door is opened.

Not only does our system seamlessly integrate all of the above features, but it is also set up for constant updates, innovations and adjustments. This means that all the software in your system will receive automatic updates, as well as that you will be able to tweak your system’s functioning as you monitor it and determine which schedules and features work best for you.

Your home automation system offers a combination of remote access and control, precise monitoring and adaptive learning. It can make your home safer, smarter and more cost-effective. If you want to know more about Protector Security’s home automation systems, contact us today.