Crime costs commercial properties a lot of money. Commercial parking garages are targeted as much as any others, and considering the collective value of the assets kept inside them, they need strong, layered security to deter would-be thieves. Things have probably been quiet during the past few weeks as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown but, as life and business start to move back towards their normal flow, criminals will be increasing their activity as well. It pays to ensure that all your security facilities are up to scratch, including those at your commercial parking garage. This blog will tell you what you need to secure your commercial garage.

Fully integrated security systems with video surveillance and verification

Your best defense is a powerful alarm system that can either deter criminals before they even try, or trigger a fast response from the authorities. Make sure that you include video surveillance that you can check in on via internet connection, as well as contracting a security company that can monitor you property remotely. Video verification will help eliminate false alarms by sending images to the monitoring center whenever there is an alarm activation. Using those images, the monitoring center can decide whether police response is necessary or not.

Upgrade your garage doors – automate them if possible

Check your garage doors regularly. They are your first line of defense. You may want to secure them with additional locks or – even better – install new ones with modern, sophisticated electronic mechanisms. If you can, add automation to these doors. This will enable you close the door remotely if necessary – and even receive alerts if the door has been left open.

Use lighting effectively

Keep both the exterior and interior of your garage well lit. You can use motion-activated lights on the interior to keep your energy costs down, but on the outside, it’s best to have at least one spotlight on keeping the perimeter highly visible at night.

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