What features do you look for in an access control system? As with most businesses, your offices have probably been shut for the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As you open up again and begin to get back to normal, you might be considering whether your access control system is up to scratch. If you don’t have one, maybe now is the time to consider having one installed. These systems are more scalable, updatable and extendable than ever, but at their core, there are a few essential features that you can’t go without. Here are the things you should look and ask for when you want to install an access control system.

Keyless entry

Keys should become a thing of the past. They get lost and need replacing or they could fall into the wrong hands. Electronic access cards are not much better. What you really want is an access system that, at the very least, requires employees to punch in an access code. First prize, however, is a biometric access system, where employees are admitted via fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition. Authorized personnel can easily be added to or removed from the system – no keys or cards need to be handed, reclaimed or replaced.

Integration with security system

Your access control should be linked up with your alarm system to form an integrated security solution. Your security system should be layered, with access control forming one of the layers. Cameras and motion sensors, all linked to a central control panel, including external monitoring, should form the rest of layers.

User friendliness

You should be able to interface with your access control system easily. You need to be able to learn how to use it very quickly and use it in an intuitive  and easy-to-follow way. There is no reason for an access control system to be complicated.

Clearance levels

Access control is not just about control who comes onto your property. You should also be able to restrict access to particular areas so that only certain members of staff can gain access to them. Good systems will allow you to create tiered access levels, allowing you to assign access as you see fit.

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