“Should I get a monitored security system or should I rather just install an unmonitored, ‘doorbell’ solution?” This a question that people commonly ask when considering their home security options. Both systems have their pros and cons, but we think that, on the whole, you’ll agree that the balance tips towards monitored security. Here’s why.

What’s the Difference?

Monitored security systems are linked to a central monitoring system. When there is an activation, the monitoring centre will respond and dispatch emergency services if needed. With this option, you have a third party keeping watch over your house and sending aid when you need it. This is especially valuable in those instances when you might not be able to call for help yourself.

A doorbell system is one that alerts you on your phone or control panel if someone is on your property, or if an incident is taking place. It is then your responsibility to determine the best course of action, as there is no external monitoring. 

The basic difference is that a doorbell system enables you to keep watch over your property yourself, while a monitored system outsources that monitoring to a professional security company

Pros and Cons

Because monitored systems involve the installation of security equipment, as well as a monthly subscription for the monitoring and response services, they will cost you more than a doorbell system. However, for this price, you get increased security and you can pass some of the burden of securing your premises on to the service provider.

With a doorbell system, on the other hand, you pay less as there is no monitoring fee, but you also take all the responsibility on yourself. If there is an alarm activation, you need to decide how to deal with it. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, you might be unable to contact anyone to help. Or, your home may go unmonitored because your phone battery has died. So, even though you save money, you end up with a property that is not as secure as it could be, as well as shouldering more stress than you need to.

Protector Security Systems would, therefore, recommend a monitored system. Contact us for complete security and monitoring systems in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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