How can a security system help you look after a frail, senior member of your family? The latest developments in home security and home automation provide excellent solutions for this. Aging-at-home security systems are designed both to make a home safer for its more vulnerable residents, as well as to alert family members to any possible dangers and emergencies.

Wellness Alarm Systems for the Elderly security systems enable you to know what is going on at your property at any time, even if your alarm is not armed. Aside from the overall benefits this offers for home security, on the whole, it also helps you keep a close watch on your loved one’s activities around the house. Sensors, strategically placed around the home according to your loved one’s daily habits, can help you gain a full picture of their daily activity pattern. This means it is easy to then detect when something out of the ordinary happens. You can even monitor how long he or she spends in bed or a particular chair.

You can also check on them to ensure that they are moving around enough. Perhaps they normally get out of bed at 8 am. You check the app and it shows that they are still in bed at 9. You can then check on them to see if everything is okay. You will even receive alerts if they leave the house at a strange time. And, you can sync your system with Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants. Ensure their health and safety by monitoring for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and flood hazards.

Home automation can also be used with the system to help your loved ones carry out their daily routines with minimal effort. You can automate the thermostat to the perfect temperature, you can check that doors and windows are closed and locked at the appropriate times and the like.

Protector Security Systems can install and monitor wellness alarm systems that will give you complete peace of mind about your loved one’s safety. Contact us for more information on security and monitoring systems in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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