Home automation systems are just one expression of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is rapidly making its presence known in almost every sphere. It truly is cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way we live our lives. Along with the giant leaps in technology, however, there are some concerns about cyber security. If your home automation system is linked to the worldwide web, how secure is it? 

The answer is that, while there are some risks involved with digital security, they can be guarded against in much the same way that you would protect your data on any other platform. Here are four tips to help you ensure that your automation system is secured properly.

Ask the Manufacturer and/or Installer About Security Provisions

Installers and manufacturers of home automation systems want you to be secure – their reputation and livelihood depend upon it. So, they invest large amounts of resources into developing security features. Get informed about the various encryption standards and all the basic security settings, including how to change passwords and receive system updates. Once you are familiar with all of these procedures, make sure you apply them.

Research Data Practices

Home automation devices should collect and store only as much data as they need to run their particular operations – no more. Some systems tend to gather somewhat more than that, which could leave too much information open and vulnerable in the event of a cyberattack. Choose systems that are designed to collect only the data that is absolutely necessary.

Secure Your Home Network

The key to security is not so much the devices you have installed, but the network you are running them on. Secure your home Wi-Fi network with passcodes, firewalls, parental controls and whatever safeguards are available to you. This will provide maximum security for all devices running off your network. You can even have your smart devices running on an entirely separate network, which is advisable.

Use the Best Safety Practices

Once you have secured your network and familiarized yourself with all the safety features of your devices, practice prudent and mindful digital security measures. For example, change your passwords on a regular basis and check that your security software is updated.

There is no need to be afraid of a home automation system. Just exercise the same caution and care in securing it as you do with your home and your data networks. At Protector Security Solutions, security is our profession and passion. So, we will not only supply and install your home automation system, but also help you to guard it against any potential threats. Contact us for more information.

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