Access Control Topology

Extremely Flexible Installation Options Utilizing your Existing IT Infrastructure

One of the biggest benefits of is its extremely Flexible Installation Options. What makes installation so flexible is that is that it utilizes your Existing IT Infrastructure, saving you from having to invest in a new one.

  • Backs onto a Microsoft SQL database

  • SSL 128bit transport security ensures all web transmissions are kept confidential and your information protected

  • Multi-threaded, asynchronous, service-based Communication Server allows for optimal use of system resources and increased scalability

  • Decoupled communication between communication servers and WCF service allows the communication servers to continue operating when a connection to the remote server is unavailable

  • Increased expandability, each communication server can handle 100-200 panels and there is no limit on the number of communication servers

  • Connect field panels via TCP/IP Power Over Ethernet (PoE) network allowing installation to use existing network infrastructure

  • Fully distributed hardware meaning each controller runs independent of communication back to the server making sure your credentials and doors operate as programmed regardless of your network state

PROTECTOR.Net Topology Overview

PROTECTOR.Net Topology Overview

PROTECTOR.Net Typical Example Installation Topologies

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PoE Power may be supplied directly by router or alternative injected via single port injector between router and ODM panel.
PROTECTOR.Net Typical Example Installation Topologies
access control systems guelph
business security systems
security system
wireless security camera system

PROTECTOR.Net Typical Example Installation Topologies

PROTECTOR.Net Door Typical