Securing your home completely is a multifaceted project that involves a complex network of factors, from electronics to landscaping techniques. Here are six ways you can use every means available to you to make your home as secure as possible to give you maximum peace of mind.

Install a Smart Home Security System

Start with a home security system that covers your premises on every side and entrance, complete with motion detectors indoors and outdoors, and magnetic sensors on doors and windows. Make good use of mobile technology to monitor and control your alarm system, whether you are at home or not. We would also recommend a system linked to an external monitoring centre

Install (More) Lights in Your Yard

Criminals operate under the cover of darkness. So, make sure they have as little of it as possible. You may choose to position lights around the exterior of your home, which you can keep on all night long. Or, you can install motion-controlled lights that come on as soon as any motion is detected in the yard. A combination of these is also a good idea, with a strategic approach to placement.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Trees and hedges can provide excellent hiding places for intruders. Doors and windows that are partially obscured by greenery are particularly vulnerable. So, go ahead and cut them back to ensure that they do not provide any cover for would-be prowlers.

Add Security Cameras

Give yourself additional control and assurance with a video surveillance system. Position cameras in key positions to give you the most extensive coverage possible – your installer can help you with this. You can also get a smart system that enables you to monitor your cameras on your mobile device, no matter where you are.


Home automation is one of technology’s greatest gifts to the anxious homeowner. Can’t remember if you closed the garage door before you left the house? Close it remotely through your mobile device. You can check on all the doors and windows and even double-check if you armed the alarm.

Make It More Difficult to Keep a Low Profile

Aside from adding lighting and trimming shrubs, there are other landscaping and yard layout tricks that will help you deter intruders. Make good use of gravel in your paving, for example, a thief can tread softly on grass, stone or cement, but gravel makes it very difficult to do. And, it even amplifies the sound of their footfalls.

Protector Security Systems can provide you with a full home security solution, from installation to monitoring. We can also give you lots of helpful tips to make your yard and home more secure through simple landscaping tricks. Contact us for complete security and monitoring systems in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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