A video verified alarm system is a vital addition to your business’s alarm system. Whenever an alarm is triggered, it can facilitate a quick response from law enforcement and prevent damage to property. However, false alarms are a big problem. The police deal with them so often that they no longer prioritize responses to alarm system activations. Video verification is an effective way to get around this problem.

See Exactly Who or What Triggered the Alarm

A video verification system involves one or more cameras that are linked to motion sensors in your security system. When a movement triggers these sensors, the camera(s) capture video material of who or whatever has caused the activation. This video is then delivered to a central monitoring station, where agents can check the images to determine whether there has been a genuine activation or a false alarm. This helps police or other armed response units to prioritize their responses. If there is a genuine activation, it will be very clear on the video, which means the staff in the monitoring centre will not doubt whether they need to dispatch law enforcement or not.

So, with a video verification system, you will not only eliminate false alarms but you will also ensure that, when you do need a response, you will get one quickly.

Benefits of Video Verification

Video verification is convenient. And, it cuts costs by putting an end to false alarm fines. It also enables faster response times by helping authorities to prioritize their reactions. As an added benefit, the video recordings can be used as evidence when filing a police report or claiming from your insurance.

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